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Ascension, otherwise known as Spiritual Awakening, is occurring right now and since 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ended (or even sooner).  Mother Earth (Gaia/Earth) and some of the human race; individually and as a collective known as the 144,000 (read the heading 144 right after ascension), have woken up or are waking up from thousands of years of cabal rule (aka the deep state of consciousness) in order to move into a 5th dimensional consciousness from as mentioned, thousands of years of cabal controlled 3rd dimensional, centuries old consciousness (physical-material reality-what you can see, feel, hear, taste and touch), via the 4th dimensional bridge. 

Unlike the normal ascension process where you die before taking the spiritual journey of ascension to heaven, you will be fully conscious, and exist in a state of pure love.  The 3D consciousness of fear will not exist in the new 5D consciousness. Everything will be about remaining in a state of higher frequency (5D) instead of low frequency (3D).

You will also gain higher powers, such as telepathy, have more crystallised (transparent) appearance to the skin, and lighter bodies which make time travel reality.  The most exciting thing I think is that you will be able to manifest anything you desire with just a simple thought. 

Technologically speaking, med beds will heal and repair and provide the fountain of youth many seek. This technology will be beyond your wildest imagination simply because you’ll be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years beyond the current timeline. There are a total of 3 med beds providing different medical cures.  You will be completely healed of any thing that is now wrong with you in the first.  You will regain all memories of past lives etc in the second and in the third, comes the fountain of youth.  You could be 85 years old now with additional weight and wrinkles and transform into a 20 year old body that’s a lot fitter and healthier.  You could even have a baby after the transformation.


If you’re one of those who have woken,  look up!  There have been galactic ships of every shape and size; along with galactic presences, cloaked within the clouds and in the skies above for well over a year now.  There are also galactic beings already living amongst the general population.  EVERY Government official worldwide is aware of their existence, yet signed an agreement while the Earth was still in the 3D matrix, to leave the people alone and leave the planet.  Clearly, they didn’t agree to these terms, instead devising of a plan to create, patent and spread a bio weapon upon the people of earth through fear based methodologies (Media/TV etc.) creating Covid-19, a NEW WORLD ORDER disease, with subsequent CURE effectively taking away human rights for all who survive.  

I hear you saying but we are free!!!  NO.  Humanity does NOT have the free will it should rightfully have as it did with the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations.  Greed took over and subsequently destroyed these once peaceful and loving lands, and those who survived; including those we call twin flames, separated to other corners of the globe to protect the matrix from further destruction, yet starting over again with 3D fear based rulers and governments as we have had and currently have for thousands of years.

However, many are rising up, awakening or woken and with this rise in consciousness comes higher frequencies and ascension into the New Earth, and the age of Aquarius which occurs every 26,000 years.  The last age of Aquarius occurred during the time of Atlantis.  

We are currently in the new 5D Golden Age of Aquarius, where those chosen (144,000) are helping those who have woken, rise up (ascend) into a higher state of consciousness (higher frequency), ridding their mindset of all evil and fear based practices while embracing love and peace.  A great time to be alive.


DO NOT be afraid of the galactic ships or galactic beings here on Earth.  They are here in conjunction with the Prime Creator (God/Great Spirit), Sananda (Jesus) and Angels to assist with humanities ascension.  They are NOT a threat.  They are benevolent and loving. They bring modern technologies to cure cancer, supplies, teachers, and everything you have ever seen on sci-fi .  All of which is being brought to us freely and with love.  We are being assisted by all of Galactic Councils, Spiritual Hierarchy, Angelic Realms, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters and so on. It is a blessed and very special time to be on this planet in an effort to live in peace.

A paradise with nothing but love and peace for all mankind is being created on Earth with the assistance of not only the galactic beings but also the 144,000 so YOU are free to live, love and BE who you want to be.

If you choose to come along, enjoy the experience, as it’s created all with you in mind.


144,000 are Lightworkers who have the immense role of saving Earth “Dark Forces/ Cabal/ Deep State during the END OF TIME. Most of the 144,000 Lightworkers are already on Earth and have either “Awoken” or are in the process of “Awakening” for their Divine purpose and mission on Earth. Most of the 144,000 are starseeds incarnated from more evolved planets or star systems, while others are advanced natives of Earth. ONLY the 144,000 can save the Earth from the clutches of the evil forces that currently control the Earth, but they MUST do it together.

Currently, the Lightworkers have amassed such a high frequency that Earth has evolved from 3D (the government/media controlled fear) world to a 5D (peace, love, unity) world. The Age of Aquarius is now here for all those who ascend into a higher frequency. Those that do not ascend, and that is their choice, will continue with their lives and return to Earth incarnated once again at some stage to learn the lessons they did not learn in this lifetime.

Mahalo | Wado | Thank you

Lehonani xo


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