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I AM an incarnated Human Being, I AM Spiritual, I AM a 7th generation Cherokee healer on my father’s side, I AM a South Sea Polynesian Islander on my mothers side with Celtic blood and a lot of other mixed DNA running through my veins; I AM the daydreamer whose mind wanders off to far away places, I AM an incarnated Indigo from a mix of Orion, Syrian and Lyran Starseed, I AM NOT of this Earth, I AM much older and wiser than my Earth years, I AM of LEMURIA AND ATLANTIS. I AM the child with an affinity for swirls, circles and infinity 8, I AM connected to other Ancient Civilisations of Greece, Egypt, Inca and Mayan. I AM thankful to have learnt Latin and Greek, I AM thankful for my gifts, I AM a seer, I AM a White Planetary Mirror, I AM a mother, I AM a Woman who is Independent, Fun-loving and Eternally in Love. I AM a Wolf Spirit. I AM a Warrioress, I AM Independent, I AM Fiercely protective, I AM many other things, I AM LOVE, I AM FREE, I AM ME.

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