Legend of the Rainbow Warrior

Cherokee Story

The following is a story by Lelanie Fuller Stone, aka “The Cherokee Lady”, that her grandmother passed on to her when she was a young girl:

Do you know what a rainbow is ?? 
Yes, a beautiful bow of colors in the sky. 
Do you know what a warrior is?? 
A warrior is a brave person. 
One who has courage instead of being afraid.Now let me ask you a question. 
Do you love animals or hate animals? 
Do you love trees or hate trees? 
Do you love people or hate people? 
Do you love the rainbow or hate the rainbow?

Well, if you love animals and trees, people and 
rainbows, then maybe you are a 
“Warrior of the Rainbow”

Cree Story

But there is a version of the legend that has a very close relationship with traditional stories and storytelling. This is the version of the Cree People, conveyed by the Cherokee-descent writer Lelanie Fuller-Anderson in 2011. The Cree version of the legend says:

‘There was an old lady, from the ‘Cree’ tribe, named ‘Eyes of Fire,’ who prophesied that one day, because of the white mans’ or Yo-ne-gis’ greed, there would come a time, when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.

‘There would come a time when the ‘keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs’ would be needed to restore us to health. They would be mankinds’ key to survival, they were the ‘THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW.’ (…) all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit.

‘THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW would show the peoples (…) how to make the Earth (…) beautiful again. These Warriors would give the people principles or rules to follow to make their path right with the world. These principles would be those of the Ancient Tribes. ‘THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW’ would teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding. They would teach of Harmony among people in all four comers of the Earth.

‘Their children would once again be able to run free and enjoy the treasures of Nature and Mother Earth. Free from the fears of toxins and destruction, wrought by the Yo-ne-gi and his practices of greed. The rivers would again run clear, the forests be abundant and beautiful, the animals and birds would be replenished. The powers of the plants and animals would again be respected and conservation of all that is beautiful would become a way of life.

‘The poor, sick and needy would be cared for by their brothers and sisters of the Earth. (…) Those who demonstrated their love, wisdom, and courage and those who showed that they could and did work for the good of all, would be chosen as the leaders or Chiefs. (…)

‘The tasks of these ‘WARRIORS (…) are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning ‘Mother Earth’ to beauty and plenty –once more.

‘The day will come, it is not far away. The day that we shall see how we owe our very existence to the people of all tribes ‘THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW’ that have maintained their culture and heritage. Those that have kept the rituals, stories, legends, and myths alive. It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to ‘harmony’ with Nature, Mother Earth, and mankind. It will be with this knowledge that we shall find our Key to our Survival.’

Hopi Prophecies

“When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds.  This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.” 

– Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people –


The sun rose on a magical new day…
Over the whole earth they came,
The people of every colour,
Sister, Brother, Father, Mother
Traveling over many a land
People of the Rainbow
Children of the Way,
with a fresh glow
Finding their way
Star within…
More and more joined,
a song for the soul…
A new way to live,
A new way to see,
It happened this way… 
And a new song,
It came from within
If you can find the Star,
Within then you will find…
What is… What was…
And what will be… you see,
It happened this way…
from within,
The people of the Way
The Rainbow Tribe… 

– Author Unknown

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