Mayan Galactic Signature Relationship Report

Many would have heard of the Mayan Calendar known as the Tzolkin | Tzolk’in which ended in 2012. The Tzolkin was very much like our own Gregorian Calendar, although the Tzolkin only consisted of 260 days in total compared to our current 365/366 days. The system of Tzolkin consisted of 20 day names combined with 13 day numbers known as the Galactic Signature, basically what we call the Star/Sun Sign. The Tzolkin was mainly used to keep track of the time of religious festivals and ceremonies, so is quite similar to the Gregorian calendar in that sense. Yet when you think astrology, the Tzolkin can be quite tricky unless you know how it works. There was no such thing as an astrological chart or compatibility report back then, for the Mayans lived by the stars and aspects of the calendar in that way, so I have created one, known as the Mayan Galactic Signature Relationship Report. The report details each person’s own Galactic Signature, and combines them in a way to create a powerful couples signature.

Interested? Take a look at a sample report below.


If you would like to buy a report for yourself and your significant other, you may either visit my shop on ETSY, or click on the button below. The report will cost $10 AUD, and will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

On checkout, please leave your first names | first and surnames or alias and DOB’s in the notes box.

See you all in the stars, and speaking of which, take a look at the image I photographed of the clouds above one day in 2020. What do you see?

It’s a photograph of the Tzolkin. Above my house!!!

Wado, Mahalo, Thank you.

Lehonani xoxo

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