Writing to Heal

Everyone has their own story to tell, and whether wanting to write about a childhood trauma or a harrowing journey of domestic violence, most people struggle to know where to start, which is why writing is so important. Especially when someone cannot vocalise what happened. This is where therapeutic and shamanic art services, tie in with storytelling. Should someone not be able to write their truths, they can create art reflecting the feelings at the time, and therefore heal from that moment on.

Writing is therapeutic, it is meditative, it heals.

By writing your own story, you inspire others to do the same which in turn, creates a more harmonious, kinder world.

So if you think you’re ready to tell your story, LET’S START A TRIBE AND COLLABORATE!!! Let’s unite the world in healing love and peace. Join the tribe willing to create lasting memories, and look back at a time that won’t ever be repeated in history again. Simply click on the PayPal link and subscribe to Write to Heal. For the cost of a coffee (it’s $4.95 AUD) per month, you not only get to tell your story but have it published with other members of the tribe. Let’s put YOUR voice out into the Universe to be heard by everyone. YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

Your writing can be:

Short Story.



Artworks relevant to the story you are writing/ instead of writing.. artworks tell a story by themselves.

Written chants/meditations with links to any videos.

Tell a story via video.

Anything you believe contributes to how YOUR story should be told can be and will be included.

The cost covers your copy of the published book which you and generations can look back at forever. You may cancel at any time..

Ready to release the past and begin new? Click on the link below to start your journey of healing.

I look forward to you joining and collaborating.

Wado, Mahalo, Thank you!

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